Code Platoon

Code Platoon is a non-profit that teaches Veterans and military spouses marketable skills that leverage core competencies, transforming them into software developers through an immersive, hands-on, educational process and paid internship program.




Code Platoon

Code Platoon seeks to:

  • Lower Barriers to Entry: Traditional boot camps cost $10k or more, but our sponsors and corporate partners help make this an affordable option for Veterans and military spouses.
  • Challenge Assumptions: We believe veterans and military spouses have what it takes to become a developer, even if they don't identify as a techie.
  • Raise Awareness: The veteran community brings a lot of value to the workplace, as well as many benefits to the employer.


Things to Know


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GI Bill



Student Services

Code Platoon offers personalized service to incoming students throughout our application process. During the program, students are each provided a mentor to help with the transition to a career in technology. Teaching assistants are provided after hours to help reinforce the curriculum. Upon graduation, students have the opportunity to work with our Career Services team and join our Alumni Association, providing networking opportunities, and continuing education. We also offer seminars on D&I training, personal finance, and imposter syndrome.

Demo Days

8/3/20, 1/22/21

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